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Oil and Gas - Gulf Marine Services

GMS Liftboats offer unique cost and efficiency advantages over traditional jack-up barges and rigs.

Lift boats are flexible, able to make multiple moves between platforms, quickly and independently, without tug support. They can locate using dynamic positioning and do not require ballast for pre-loading.

GMS Lift boats typically undertake the following support activities:

  • Offshore Construction & Heavy Lifting
  • Accommodation & Hotel Services
  • Well Intervention and Work Over Operations
  • Manpower Services

Cantilever for Well Intervention and Work Over Operations

GMS offers well intervention and work over operations, based on two unique cantilever designs developed by the Company. The system is proven and market leading, reducing the operational cost of well workovers by over 30%.

  • Light Well Intervention Cantilever focused on aiding safer and more efficient operations for Pumping, Logging, Coil tubing, Well Test & Clean-up operations.
  • E Class Work Over Cantilever with automated hoist and top drive system to support heavier workover scopes requiring handling of drill pipe and completion strings. This complete system is designed to perform operations such as plugging and abandonment, light drilling, change out of submerged pumps and completions.


Offshore Construction

GMS DP2 Lift boats can perform offshore construction and heavy lift scopes, including the following services:

  • Provision of offshore accommodation
  • Platform Installation and commissioning
  • Platform asset life extension
  • Heavy lift & subsea operations

Performance is based on crane capacity of up to 400 Tons, deck space of up to 1000m2 and accommodation capacity of up to 350 POB.

Manpower Services

GMS manpower GMS provides manpower services covering the following spectrum of activities:

  • Scope definition and scheduling
  • Detailed work preparation, including material supply chain
  • WHT (well-head tower) repairs
  • NDT (non-destructive testing) and pressure testing

Services are based on a wide talent pool and network of contractors, built through direct experience over many years.