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Gulf Marine Services moves ahead on digitalization | GMS

Gulf Marine Services moves ahead on digitalization

  • Monday, 06, September, 2021


Written by Marine Log Staff

Abu Dhabi, UAE, based GMS (Gulf Marine Services PLC) has signed a contract for the installation of an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) to support its operations. GMS, a leading provider of advanced self-propelled, self-elevating support vessels serving the offshore oil, gas and renewables industries, says the system will provide it with a “central, cloud-based single source of truth and applications that are optimized for the different departments to increase collaboration and streamline processes.”

The Hanseaticsoft Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) software solution selected by GMS is part of the newly launched Lloyd’s Register Maritime Performance Services (MPS) portfolio. It will provide GMS with a seamless, interconnected system across its operations and give it the ability to upgrade internal procedures, including the current manual system for crew and inventory management. This will enable improvements in efficiency, and reduce exposure to possible system errors.

The new CFM software solution will integrate vessel operations, maintenance, procurement and inventory control, alongside crew and payroll management, among other areas of operation. The centralization of this data will allow for better visibility and free up time to support operations and client service.

GMS chose CFM after an extensive review and tender process. CFM is a cloud-based, all-in-one software solution that provides worldwide access to a uniform knowledge base. The system offers tailored apps covering different areas of operation to support better problem identification and management. As it is Software as a Service (SaaS) based, the system is easily integrated and flexible. There is no need for additional hardware installations or IT staff to take care of maintenance and administration.

Lloyd’s Register’s Hanseaticsoft team will also work with GMS to support the system’s implementation, including setting up data inputs. It is expected that the system will be fully integrated and running in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The integration of this new software solution represents another efficiency improving step by GMS, which further enhances our client offering,” said Mansour Al Alami, executive chairman of GMS. “This new system will also support the company’s ongoing drive to manage costs and improve governance by integrating human resources, supply chain management and planned maintenance into one transparent system.”

“It is great to see the steadily increasing number of shipping companies that are making use of the many benefits that the digitalization of processes has to offer,” said Alexander Buchmann, CEO of Hanseaticsoft. “By choosing CFM to manage their fleet and optimize tasks, GMS is leading the way and highlights its dedication to drive digitalization in the maritime industry.”